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Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Access Additional Deposit Insurance

Balances in excess of FDIC insurance limits can be protected through one of our multiple partners. Multi-million dollar FDIC insurance is available on checking accounts, money market accounts and Certificates of Deposit.

Account Alerts & Fraud Protection

Monitor and protect your accounts using our robust list of online banking alerts, which can provide updates to you via email or text. In addition, our fraud protection team consistently reviews your accounts, watching for suspicious activity and implementing protection controls when necessary.

ACH Block & Filter

Maintain control over who is accessing your account. Block all - or certain - ACH debits to reduce the chance of fraud on your accounts.

Account Reconciliation

Send us a file of checks issued during the week or month and let us handle the bank reconciliation. Full reconciliation is often paired with Positive Pay, as the same issue file can be used for both services, saving you time and enhancing fraud protection simultaneously.


Let's Get Started

If you are not sure which product is best for you, our banking specialists are ready to answer your questions. 

Fill out this simple form or call 800.284.5989 and someone from our Cash Management Team will reach out within 24 hours to set up a meeting.

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